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Private lessons 


Private lessons ( From 1 to 6 peoples )

You feel like having total attention? You want an instructor all by yourself, for your family or for you and your wife? You need advises on particular technical aspects of your surfing? You have big ages gaps between the members of your group?

Beginners, Intermediate or advanced surfers, you will be helped by an exclusive instructor to take you along your surfing path.
The class will start with a conversation to define what are your expectations regarding your experience, what you’re looks for, we’ll choose the right board depending on the conditions. We’ll make it easy for you to work on your exercises and to catch as many waves as possible during the class.
You can interact at all time with your instructor and get feedback after every single wave to reach your goals.
For the families who want to take a lesson together, private lessons are ideal (we are used split under 12 kids and teenagers and adults in different groups because we don’t all have the same physical abilities).
In a private lesson we take you surfing together with a particular concern on the youngest children of the group and checked on regularly during the class, the older people in the group will also have a program with exercises and will stay close to the instructor as well.
Intermediate and advanced surfers who want to get an advice on their progression and figure out what are the next steps to go through in their evolution, private lessons are the solution.
You and your instructor will discuss the points you want to work on and you will be debriefed ont the exercises several times during the session. When leaving the 29 hood surf club you will be aware on the aspects you need to work on while surfing your next sessions.
To us, every surfer is unique so we try hard to make sure to give the most suited lessons depending on:
-Your expectations
-Your age
-Your experience
-surfing conditions.

Must know:

-1h lessons (1h30 if 2 people or more)

- schedule is tide related (Contact us)