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Our Instructors are certified and have have been through a lifeguard training.
We want to get to know you, to fulfill your expectations, to teach you about the choices we make regarding the gear we give you, the part of the beach we choose to work at, the instructions, your progresses, the tides, the wind the waves…
We like to welcome people and bring them into our world and our pride is to see them coming again and again.

In our minds, every surfer is unique so we put everything in motion to provide the best surf lesson possible regarding:
-your expectations
-Your age
-Your experience
-The surfing conditions.

Everything is set up so:  "you won’t ever forget your first wave ».

For the kids under 12 we have a playful way to teach while emphasizing on safety rules. Games and challenges are set up for fast, safe and fun learning. The instructors take the kids in the water to make sur all the instructions are well applied and help with placing and choosing the right waves.

For the teenagers and adults the groups are made up regarding the age, the level and the number of lessons they will be taking during the week.
We take care of the teens and focus on their expectations to help them to achieve their goals. From the beginner to the advanced surfer we will make everything we can so they can spend as much time and have the most fun in the ocean.
Instruction times on the beach and challenges are set up to generate as many interactions in between students as possible so they get to make friends and have the best time during their vacations.

We also teach numerous adults, they focus a lot on the instructions and try to understand every step of the class. We will get you to have an unforgettable experience. We will answer all your questions and every exercise is explained clearly so you have the keys to success.
We are here with you at all time, to help you and cheer you up, there is no age limit to get your first ride.
We provide the best equipment for everyone with surfboards and wetsuits in great condition.
Together we will also learn about the spot, the forecast, the surfing conditions, the equipement or the history of the sport.
We can also give you tips on things not to miss in the area.