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Based in Brittany on the spots in La Torche area, we enjoy quality waves for beginners and advanced surfers all year round.

The beaches are protected and the landscape is raw and preserved, we are aware of how lucky we are to be working in such a wonderful set up.En saison estivale, nous proposons principalement de surfer sur deux spots: 

Pors Carn beach is located right in front of our club (south of La Torche). It’s the best beach for the kids (5-12 years old) as its crescent shape filters the swell with softest waves. The beach is flat and currents are very softs.
Walking north, this beach offers bigger and well shaped waves, its sheltered from southerly winds and offers a safer spot if a big swell hits the coast compared to the local waves magnets like La Torche or Tronoën. 
Tronoën Beach is a natural, preserved jewel. Several miles long, it’s easy to move from one part of the beach to another to enjoy the best uncrowded surfing condition.
Facing the West, this spot picks up every swell. It offers bigger waves compared to Pors Carn to allow teenagers and adults to have fun and get better safely. This beach, north of La Torche, provides good conditions even on smaller swells to give quality surf lessons. There are also less crowds than in La Torche who can get really busy. Surfing is then safer and stress free.
We will take you there in our shuttle, Tronoën is 6 minutes away from the Club.
These numerous options allows us to choose the best spot depending on the skills or the age of the group and reach the best teaching we can give.