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Group Lessons


Group Lessons

We try to give every student the best program depending on various criterias : age , level, expectations… We try to have balanced groups and we like to teach everyone at his own pace and with an individual approach within the group.
We put everything in motion so you will never forget your first ride.

We have a maximum amount of 8 students for one instructor, the price includes the equipment, all our instructors are certified in surfing and life saving.
For the groups from 5 to 8 years old and 9 to 12years old the lessons take place on Pors Carn beach south of La Torche where you will find softer waves and less current, perfect for the kids.

The instructors are specifically trained to welcome these kids in a playful and safe way to get them to discover the sport. 
For the Teenagers and adults, surfing isn’t a matter of age. We are here to follow you as you discover the joys of surfing with a special program for everyone.
If the swell is big we’ll surf Pors Carn beach South of La Torche and if the waves are small we will drive you 6 minutes north in our shuttles to surf Tronoën beach, more exposed to the Atlantic swells. Transportation is included in the price and doesn’t affect the time spent in the water.

The equipment given by your instructor corresponds to your abilities and is in good condition.
Together we ill talk about the the spot, the surfing conditions, the forecast, the equipment…

Our instructors are with you and the beach and will guide you in the water to cheer you up and teach you the best way, you can ask for advises at all time too.
We also have specific advanced surfers groups: if you already got to surf quite a few times and you are used to resin surfboards, outside waves these classes are what you’re looking for. With a personalized approach we will set up a technical progression program depending on the forecasted conditions during the time of your stay: equipment testing, technical exercises, in the water support...

1 discovery lessons 
A first shot at surfing, feeling the first surfing sensations lying on the board and standing up on the board by the end of the session.
3 days package
The first waves, three lessons to get to enjoy surfing, the power of the wave, learn the right moves and feel confident on the whitewater waves with a comfortable board. Learning how to use or react when the current gets strong, and knowing what to do to stay safe while practicing and improving you do on the board in terms of placement and position. 
5 days package: The basics
One session a day during a week to evolve everyday along with the conditions, the tides, your progression, your sensations…
Studying the spot, the waves, the wind, working on the technique, placement, evolution of the instruction to help you to catch green waves with your instructors the days the waves allows it.
The 5 days package is our best seller ever.
10 lessons package:
For the sporty type: 2 lessons a day for those who feel the urge to surf all day. (Warning: surfing uses different muscles than most of other sports). We usually plan an intense session in the morning and one  softer with different instructions in the afternoon depending on the surfing conditions.

Our teaching lets everyone evolve at his own rhythm with an individual approach.

- 2 hours class (1h30 in the water minimum)
- the schedule depends on the tide (contact us)
- a swimsuit and a towel (we sell some)
- sunscreen (we sell some)
Prices include
• teaching by a qualified surf instructor
• the equipment (board, leash, wetsuits…)
• the surf club’s insurance
• access to showers and changing rooms